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Família Nin-Ortiz

Catalonia, Spain
After obtaining degrees in both oeneology and biology, Esther Nin began her career supervising wine projects across Spain. She bought a tiny parcel (less than 3 acres) of old vines on the steepest hillside slopes above the village of Porrera. The 2004 was her debut vintage, showcasing her remarkable skill and meticulous care for her vines. Esther shares her time as Clos Erasmus winegrower icon Daphne Glorian's right hand, as well as several additional consulting projects including Terra de Verema (Triumvirat & Corelium) and NUN in Penedes.


  • WINEMAKER: Esther Nin
  • COUNTRY: Spain
  • REGION: Catalonia
  • APPELATION: Priorat
  • IMPORTER: European Cellars (Eric Solomon)