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Casa Raia

Tuscany, Italy
It is a story of destiny that is at the origin of the beautiful adventure of Casa Raia.
A meeting between Pierre Jean Monnoyer, French of Corsican and Burgundian origin and an old vineyard belonging to the Temertey family, near the village of Montalcino. The vineyard once belonged to the prestigious Biondi Santi family and has an exceptional terroir; it is said that these terraces saw the first vines of sangiovese grosso in Montalcino
In 2004, a great French winemaker in Montalcino, Lionel Cousin of Azienda Cupano said to Pierre Jean during his harvest: “Making a wine with this terroir of scarnacuoia is a dream. Harvest, ferment, even with a stainless steel tank outside and you'll see, it's easy, you'll make a great wine with this terroir”.
From 2006-2007, well surrounded by organic winegrower friends in Montalcino, Campi di Fonterenza and Pian dell'Orino, Pierre Jean vinified his first natural Brunello, adopting the old adage: "The vine makes wine".


  • WINEMAKER: Pierre Jean Monnoyer
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • REGION: Tuscany
  • APPELLATION: Brunello di Montalcino
  • FARMING PRACTICES: Traditional
  • WEBSITE: www.casaraia.com